Ready or ... Not Open

Kate's dad ran a restaurant for many years and used to say: "I don't owe you anything, until I put you in a seat." We completely agree. Guests deserve the best possible product, so if we're not ready, we won't open.

django's is operating with a shorter schedule than we'd hoped this season. When we launched in our new location, the goal was to serve lunch and dinner, 7 days per week.  Currently, we offer dinner service only, 5-6 days per week. We'd certainly prefer to offer both menus - every day - but it's simply not possible at this time. So what's up?

django's has a small, strong core team helping us deliver an excellent product. But we don't have the depth of staff to provide the same quality dining experience across a larger schedule. Our team is doing a fantastic job and deserves downtime and at least one day off each week. So until we expand the team, we won't be able to expand our operating hours.

Our challenges are not unique, especially in a seasonal, destination mountain town. Limited housing options has forced many employees to camp outside of town, and those lucky enough to find housing are juggling 2-3 jobs to pay their bills. Employment ads that used to generate 30-40 responses now yield only 2-3.

We're committed to maintaining our guest experience, and that may require creative ways to solve this (hopefully) short-term challenge. On any given night, Kate will likely be in the kitchen, working on the line. And Chris may be scurrying about the dining room, wishing he could spend a little more time visiting with each guest. 

We hope to serve you lunch later this season. Until then, please join us for dinner any Wednesday-Sunday starting at 5pm! We look forward to catching up with you, if only briefly, during your next visit.